Professional Security Institutions and Demographics Risks: An Example of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic


Since 2008 national security institutions such as police, fi re brigades or armed forces have been confronted with the lack of manpower. There is impending risk of decreasing in population between 15-24 years, and as those key executive institutions are based upon employees' principle, this fact might disenable each national security institution, supposing this risk would be underestimated. Recruiting campaigns are not sufficient enough. In the near future, this is probably going to infl uence so far strict criteria for recruiting military personnel. According to the author, demographic ageing thus represents one of risks, but up to now the offi cial documents by Czech MoD have not reflected this situation.

Lt.Col. Ing. Bohuslav Pernica, Ph.D., born in 1973, Military University of the Ground Forces (VVŠ PV) at Vyškov, among others he served as a chief of the finance management of antiaircraft missile regiment, 1998-2007 lecturer and senior lecturer both at the University of Defence Brno and the Military University of the Ground Forces (VVŠ PV) at Vyškov, where he obtained Ph.D. degree in national defence economics. From 2007 till 2009 he was a planner and a system analyst at the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff; in 2010 he worked at the Training Command Vyškov-Military Academy as the chief of division. On December 1, 2010, he became an advisor to the first deputy of defence minister. He is involved in economic aspects of running and financing professional armed forces, namely the question of their position on the labour market, problems of preserving their personnel structures, the place of armed forces in public finances. Author of several vocational books and publications, e.g. Phenomenon of Alternative Service 2007, Professionalization of Armed Forces 2007.

Country: Czech Republic


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