Recent development of Transnistrian conflict in the light of crisis on Ukraine


This article analyses frozen Conflict in separatist region of Transnistria in the light of recent crisis on Ukraine. Despite standing in the shade of Ukraine, the importance of Transnistria has been once again highlighted by Russian support to separatist movements in post-soviet area. Hence text also argues, that by precise analysis of important agents involved in Transnistrian conflict, such as Russia, Ukraine or Romania, we can better understand not only current development in this „de-facto state“, but also put annexation of Crimea (or war in eastern Ukraine) into context. On the other hand, influence of Russian military presence in Transnistria on Ukraine war effort is also important and deserves to be closely studied.

Lukáš Dyčka, PhD, holds PhD in political science with specialization on security and strategy studies from Masaryk University in Brno. In April 2013 he started working at the Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies, University of Defence, in the Czech Republic where he specialized in Czech Defence Policy and Armed Conflict Research. Between 2014  - 2016 he also worked as an Advisor at the Czech MoD. In June and July 2017 he was posted to the Defence Planning Department of the Hungarian MoD. In 2017 he received the Eisenhower Fellowship from the NATO Defence College in Rome. Currently, besides other positions, he also lectures at the Baltic Defence College in Estonia.


Country: Czech Republic


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