Using the Sociomapping Method in Defence Department


NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP) is a subject of quite frequent reviews and amendments in order to meet the needs of NATO as an organization and of each Ally. The current initiative, based on a tasking from the Chicago summit in May 2012, is referred to as "Enhancing the NDPP". It particularly aims at making the NDPP more relevant to national defence planning and more visible at political level. More emphasis is also placed on timely consultations among Allies whenever they intend to make significant changes in their defence inventories and capabilities. Recently approved NATO Defence Planning Capability Targets (June 2013) previously known as Force Goals, are for the first time affected by application of the so-called "50% planning assumption" which aims to redress the burden-sharing imbalance between the US and other Allies.

Ing. Michael Hrbata, MPA, born in 1971. He is graduate of the Military College of the Land Forces in Vyškov, (1989-1993), CEVRO Institute in Prague (political science, public administration, Master of Public Administration). He acted as the commercial director of a private construction company Lawstav, s.r.o. (1994-2001) and the managing director of company PAREA, s.r.o. (2001-2010). I the period of 2006-2010 he was a member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. In 2010, he was appointed to post Deputy Minister of Defense, responsible for human resources, military education and military sport. He is currently a Rector Deputy of the University of Defense for investment development and he is studding the doctoral studies at the Police Academy in Prague.

Country: Czech Republic


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