External Involvement and Tigray War of Ethiopia (2020-2022): The Impact of Differentiated Motives on a Civil War


This study analyzes the involvement of external actors in Ethiopia's civil war between 2020 and 2022, categorizing their behaviors and discourses based on the dominance of instrumental and affective motives. It argues that the convergence of objectives between instrumental motive-dominant actors, who seek to protect the stability and survival of the Ethiopian government, and affective motive-dominant actors, who address humanitarian crises, reached a point of overlap and consent which led the war to end in relatively short duration.

Res. Asst. Ahmet Göksel Uluer, PhD, born 1988. Currently working at the Necmettin Erbakan University. Graduated from the Faculty of Political Science, Ankara University in Ankara (in International Relations); in 2022 he also successfully completed PhD programme of International Relations of Ankara University. His dissertation topic is third world security, weak state and Ethiopia. Specialist in the field of analysis of African studies, security studies and Turkish foreign policy.

Country: Turkey


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