The aim of the review is to provide the editorial staff with an expert opinion on the quality of the author’s contribution and to give the author feedback on how to improve the original text to be acceptable for publishing.

The editorial staff recommends that reviewers take note of the following:

  • The reviewer should be familiar with the general rules of the review process and the Code of Ethics;
  • The review procedures are mutually anonymous (double blind);
  • The reviewer should consider the reviewed text as confidential information with respect to copyright;
  • The reports are internal editorial material and they are archived for at least five years;
  • The reviewer will prepare a review report using the form; in addition, if appropriate, specific suggestions and comments may be written (preferably as “review notes”) directly into the text;
  • The author expresses their own opinion on the subject matter; where the author’s opinion is not identical to the reviewer’s opinion, it is not a reason to refuse the text;
  • The reviews prepared by the reviewer are subsequently provided to the authors for further editing of their contributions; the reviewer is entitled to request the modified contribution in accordance with the requirements declared in their review report.

The editorial staff asks the reviewers to confirm the possibility to prepare review as soon as possible. For communication between the editorial staff and the reviewer, the Open Journal System application is used. The time for preparing the review is usually 14 days. The review report form can be downloaded here:     word icon