The Vojenské rozhledy journal publishes contributions that correspond to the profile of the journal.

The editor accepts contributions exclusively in an electronic form, prepared in the MS Word text editor. The editor reserves the authority to make formal, terminological, language, graphic and typographic adaptations in the submitted text.

The journal publishes the author’s papers that pass through the review process.

The following requirements apply to the contributions:

Peer-Reviewed Article is:

  • an original scientific text that presents original research results;
  • an overview article that presents recent knowledge and ideas, or responds to the latest findings, and points out to inconsistencies with theory or practice.

 The peer-reviewed articles should be structured as follows:

  • Title of the article in Czech or Slovak and title of the article in English;
  • The name of the author or co-authors, maximum number of co-authors - three;
  • Abstract in Czech (or Slovak) - a brief description of the paper, which in a precise manner specifies the area studied and the content (structure) of the article. The length of the abstract should not exceed 950 characters including spaces;
  • Abstract in English - the content has to be identical to the Czech (Slovak) abstract;
  • Keywords in Czech or Slovak - maximum of 5 keywords or phrases in the respective language of the article and keywords in English - identical to the Czech (Slovak) keywords;
  • The body of the article can be divided into chapters. The scope of the contribution is 10-20 standard pages. (One standard page is 1800 characters incl. spaces); max. MS Word file size - 8 MB;
    • The introduction is always part of the article. Its scope should be appropriate in relation to the subsequent text and should introduce the topic of the article to the reader;
    • It is possible to use only italics or bold fonts in the text for emphasis, do not underline;
    • The footnotes are not used to insert citations, only to supplement the text. Use footnotes only when necessary.
    • The citation standard for processing bibliographic citations is the Chicago author-date citation style. Valid from VR 3/2024.
  • The tables in the text should be prepared in MS Word or MS Excel and labelled with a title. The table should not exceed the size of one page. If external tables (data) are used, the source must be indicated;
  • The pictures and charts need to be as simple as possible. The printer allows only two colours, black and blue, and their shades. Images (charts, graphs, pictures) can be part of the MS Word document or attached as separate files. In the latter case, the location of the picture in the text must be indicated (using a placeholder, for example). The format of the graphic files must be JPEG (medium compression), PNG or TIFF. Images and charts must be numbered and labelled. If external pictures are used, the source must be indicated;
  • The conclusion is always part of the article. Its scope should be in proportion to the body and should summarize the most important ideas of the previous contents;
  • Short curriculum vitae (introduction of author) - year of birth, education, titles, experience (former and current employment), and area of professional interests; See a Pattern
  • Contacts (only for editorial purposes, not published):
    • correspondence address,
    • electronic address (e-mail),
    • phone number (optional).

Remark: Non-native Czech or Slovak speakers may have the title, abstract and keywords only in English.